Ultra high pressures and shear rates for an unprecedented improvement of the properties of your materials and mixtures


Our achievements

In TriboBlend, we have conceived, designed, demonstrated and patented a superior, simple, scalable and cost efficient method for the creation of very high pressures (up to 4GPa) and shear rates (up to 108 s-1) on liquid phase materials and mixtures, giving rise, for instance, to polymer chain scissions, delamination of laminar materials, greatly improved dispersions, particle size reduction and more. These features allow for a great performance improvement potential on multiple application fields.

Substancial improvement of particle / filler / nanofiller dispersion

Delamination of layered nanomaterials 

Improved control of  particle size and morphology

Toughness improvements over 200%  in epoxy resins without  nanofiller addition and with no reduction in other mechanical properties

Scalable, cost and energy efficient process


TriboBlend is a UPM Spin-off